Toile's DIY Fashion DESIGN is based on the sustainable model of reuse, reduce and recycle. It is important to us to run Toile Designs with thought and concern for the environment and the world we leave behind. We believe in the concept of zero waste, not just for the big things but also the little things, for example, we always keep all our fabric scraps and hope you will too.  That small piece of ribbon or that strip of cool fabric is waiting for you (or someone you know) to give it a new life. We try to create tutorials for making things with either these scraps of fabric or re-creating a favorite garment in your closet. Look under our "Up-cycling" tab for DIY ideas. 

   We try to use only recycled materials for our all our products, this includes packaging and because of this, our packaging may not always look exactly the same. There is already so much garbage in the world that we really hope you understand why we don't want to add to this big global problem. If we use plastic in our packaging it is because it is something we already have in our inventory and is not something we will re-invest in in the future, unless it is recycled or biodegradable.

    We are huge supporters of home sewing, and appreciate the work and care that goes into creating garments.  It's our hope that you will learn to create fashion for the sheer enjoyment of designing something from scratch. We live in a world of fast fashion today, which is cheap to buy and created for only short term wear.  What happens to these garments when we throw them away?  And who made it?

   Nothing beats making a dress or skirt for yourself, something that you can be proud of.  As Vivienne Westwood says: "Buy less, choose well".  It is our hope that that piece of clothing that we helped you make, will become a treasured garment, and that whatever your have learned from us, will set you up creating garments for yourself that have a good fit and that you will re-create in current colors and styles.

    At DIY Fashion Design we are committed to recycling and using eco minded suppliers. It is our goal  to support suppliers of sustainable fabrics and ideally American first. In fact, our own Toile Designs Fabric Collection only has sustainable or recycled fabrics in the collection. Thank you for understanding and we hope you will become part of our community, a place to go when you want to design something fabulous!