Hi, my name is Mirjam Rosner and I am happy you stopped by.  Below is a drawing I sketched when I was eight years old. I knew back then that I wanted to become a Fashion Designer and without knowing anything about Missoni fabrics, I think I already was a fan! When my dad send me this image recently, I was reminded of those long ago childhood dreams that I feel I was lucky to fulfill. Here's my story.

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A few years after I made this sketch, I ended up studying Fashion Design in my native Holland and have used that skill pretty much ever since.  After crisscrossing the globe for a few years, I ended up in Aspen CO, owning a shop where we did anything from selling fashion fabrics to creating custom design. We offered classes and either showed our customers how to make something or we had them bring in their own projects. It was during these classes,  that I realized that commercial sewing patterns are much more complicated than what they ought to be. My students also had no idea what fabric to use with what pattern. This is when I started thinking of developing my own collection of patterns, patterns that were easy to use with comprehensive visual instructions. At the time I was way too busy to pursue that dream so I put it on hold. I was mostly working with clients who would not only buy fabrics from me that I had sourced from Paris to New York, but  also designing clothing for them.  It is only now, since I've sold my shop and moved on to teaching workshops in Fashion Design, that my old idea surfaced again. When people used to say to me that life was a journey, I never truly understood what they were talking about. I do now. I couldn't have done this before. My journey has been about working endless hours, teaching workshops and making mistakes This was the process which developed the knowledge that I have today. Designing clothes shouldn't be difficult, it should be fun. When I teach workshops, I always include all aspects of design. It's not just about the dress, it's about how to make that dress your own. When we design, we sketch, create our own fabric with dyes, paints, sequins or even broken CD's, and then we figure out what patterns to use and what type of fabric. All in all, we discover all elements that go into great design. In our classes, you will to learn how to do a lot of these things; we offer free classes that do not need specific supplies, and then there are more in-depth classes that do need certain items that the novice designer may not know what they are or where to get them. Our classes in fabric design, offer the most up to date fashion colors, appropriate for whichever season we are approaching. Our sewing patterns are geared toward the novice sewer, but are perfect as basic patterns that can be altered to anything you want to make.  It is my  hope that you'll enjoy taking some of our courses and that our patterns become staples in your own toolbox.  Please contact me anytime if you have questions and please, do show the world your creations by sending us pictures of your designs so we can showcase your work on our "Show & Tell" page.

Thanks for visiting! 

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